You deserve the best possible garments and accessories for your baby and family and it all started with garments we were designing and producing to put on our own babies, so we know this is something you care about as well. You can rest assured that every single piece produced by Quincy Mae lives up to the checklist of promises regarding quality, ethical manufacturing, and safety for your littles outlined below. Transparency matters and knowledge is power. 

Organic Cotton

Since the beginning we've only sourced the best organic cotton we could find. In the simplest terms possible, this means extreme intentionality in only using materials that you can be fully confident to put on your child, certified by our industry's highest standards. This isn’t a marketing concept, it’s a way to create better product because responsibility is important for the apparel industry as a whole and we all have an important part to play in making that process better.

Chemical Free

Rest assured that all of our cotton is GOTS certified organic and always subject to strict brand requirements to be free of antimicrobial chemicals, formaldehydes, pesticides, phthalates, PFCs, polyvinvl chloride, and VOCS. That's all code for saying that this is pure cotton that washes softly, wears in well, ages gracefully, and is free of harmful additives. What goes on your baby's skin matters to us so we take this seriously and ensure you don't have to worry about what's in the product, just enjoy that it's natural, clean, and made for memories to come.

Ethically Made

Quincy Mae is designed in the United States and made in China. Everything is made in partnership with factories that must sign an eleven-part code of conduct agreement with us which states a series of critical components: No child labor, no forced work environments, fair wages, non-discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, and many more. This compliance agreement is subject to continuous audits to maintain that it is upheld. We're excited to say that in 2018 our main factory won an award for Social Responsibility within our industry. Happy workers and happy factories make better product, we are proud of this process.

Certified Responsibility

We have chosen to exclusively work with factories that are WRAP certified so that you can guarantee the products are made responsibly. WRAP is the world's largest independent certification program mainly focused on the apparel, footwear, and sewn products sectors. Becoming a WRAP certified facility involves much more than simply passing an audit, they take a collaborative approach to social compliance certification in which WRAP works with their facilities to ensure that they remain in compliance with 12 core principles related to ethics and social responsibility. This process requires that all of our facilities actively engage in the process themselves and see to it that effective management systems are maintained to ensure compliance requirements are met.

GOTS Certified

What is GOTS certification anyway? It’s really the core standard in the apparel industry to ensure sustainable and best-practice cotton. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers and they audit the entire process of the textile life down the supply chain to its origin for social impact, environmental impact, and sustainability. Putting your baby in something that is premium, soft, and long-lasting shouldn’t require chemicals, environmental damage, or social harm…so we do the extra legwork on every single garment to make sure that each item is GOTS certified so you don’t have to worry about it.

It's All Here.

GOTS certified organic 

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 

Sustainably made 

Ethically made 

Made of natural fibers 

Made with natural dyes 

Free of antimicrobial chemicals

Free of formaldehyde 

Free of pesticides 

Free of phthalates 

Free of PFCs 

Free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 

Free of VOCs 

Love. Wear. Repeat.

At Quincy Mae, sustainbility matters! By sourcing only the best cotton and materials we can share with you longer lasting, better washing garments and accessories that aren't disposable. We believe that cherished baby garments should be worn, well-loved, and then shared and not thrown away wastefully. This is why as a brand an emphasis is put on produces better quality and longer lasting items that live on beyond the initial wear and tear.

All Quincy Mae packaging (polybags / hangtags) are all recyclable. Since most of the apparel industry contributes to piles of unnecessary trash, packaging is a little thing that makes a huge difference. In an intentional effort to push back against creating waste that we can easily avoid, all of our outer elements protecting the garments can be put straight into your recycling bin at home.

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